The installation World, exhibited in the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, is a tale of journey from A to B. It is the route between my home and my studio. For a long time I walked it every day, and that walk became my ritual.

The outermost points of that path are located in the centre of the town (the studio) and upon a hill overlooking it (home) respectively. Along the route a series of transformations occur, as the concrete, the people, writings on walls, river boulders, noises, cars, pavings, pastel elevations, streetlamps merge together step by step, forming a homogenous mass: the town. Individual trees disappear, giving way to a forest. A blade of grass turns into a tuft, which turns into a meadow. The scale changes. An overhead view resembles a map: borders and divisions emerge. The tall, the low, the public, the private… Skies, obscured before by the buildings, by the smog, and by streetlight glare, become a distinct element of the landscape. A peaceful walk reveals the radical process of changing one’s perspective, which came to be the starting point for creating the installation.